Does the vintage yacht still exist?

Historically, the term yacht originated in Holland and refers to a warship. The word became official in France from the 18th century onwards, and is systematically opposed to its origin. It is henceforth intended for soft navigation. Currently, there is a growing interest in period yachts by ship owners.

The different types of yacht

A distinction must be made between sailing yachts and motor yachts. Sailing boats are distinguished from each other by their mast and sails. Schooners, ketches and yawls, on the other hand, have two masts. Trimarans and catamarans have several hulls. Motor yachts, on the other hand, are distinguished by their size. Mega yachts are at the height of size, accommodation and luxury, they are 50 metres long. Super yachts range in length from 30 metres to 50 metres. They belong to the upper class of ships and have a full-time crew. Luxury yachts or luxury motor yachts are suitable for the family and are approximately 24 metres in length. Finally, the sports cruiser or flybridge, has a size of 18 meters. You can find more about luxury yacht ranges at

Yacht categories

Referring to its era or its construction techniques, several categories of yacht emerge. All boats built before 1950 are vintage yachts while classic yachts are launched between 1950 and 1976. To these categories are added the Spirits of Tradition, which brings together boats built with different materials but still keep the plan used at the time. Modern yachts are classified as modern if they were launched after 1975 and meet certain construction criteria (size, weight, dimension, quality of sails).

The period yacht

The period yacht is a wooden or metal sailboat. It is built before 1950 and respects its original materials, especially the rigging and hull. The construction of the boats, in accordance with the project before this year is therefore part of the period yachts. For years, many shipyards have been trying to rebuild this type of boat at the request of owners who are keen on the old style. Today, most of these old boats, restored to their original condition, are still sailing. In addition, every year in the Mediterranean, a gathering of period sails is held where these yachts are admired.
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