Do you need a license to drive a boat in Ibiza?

No. Even though there are multiple benefits of being licensed, a license is not a mandatory requirement for you to drive a boat here. This attribute ensures that nobody is restricted from feeling like a captain in their own ship. Visit…

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Where to admire luxury yachts in France?

In France, the yachting market has long suffered from the crisis. Fortunately, business has been picking up again in recent years. Moreover, the number of enthusiasts is increasing. Indeed, many people come to admire or rent luxury yachts in France…

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Super-yachts: a yacht at the cutting edge of luxury and prestige!

Owning a yacht is synonymous with wealth, so much so that all the billionaires in the world are tearing it up. A real competition has even appeared between them, and to get ahead of the others, they do not hesitate…

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New yacht versions in the modern world

The yacht is an entertainment boat presented in different categories, it can be sailing or motor. Particularly used in tourist places during the summer holidays, yachts are classified according to their epochs, their construction methods and their design. Yacht charter…

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Leisure yachts: which classic yachts to choose?

Sailing on the water for days on end means both enjoying the sea air and a friendly holiday atmosphere. But a simple boat is not enough for the task, it is necessary to use a more powerful and more personalised…

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The yacht: a unique invention at your disposal!

A better lifestyle means a better quality of life. Whether you are someone who likes to organize small parties or a person who likes to travel while living in luxury and comfort, this article will be very useful if you…

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Does the vintage yacht still exist?

Historically, the term yacht originated in Holland and refers to a warship. The word became official in France from the 18th century onwards, and is systematically opposed to its origin. It is henceforth intended for soft navigation. Currently, there is…

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