Do you need a license to drive a boat in Ibiza?


No. Even though there are multiple benefits of being licensed, a license is not a mandatory requirement for you to drive a boat here. This attribute ensures that nobody is restricted from feeling like a captain in their own ship. Visit Ibiza here for you to see your well-deserved dream holiday getaway come true. Failing to have a license should not prohibit you from sailing a boat across the blue waters with your family or friends on board.

You get to experience the ideal magical island sensation as you cruise the waters and encounter phenomenal features like enchanting beaches and caves. These attractions have to a large extent led to the massively growing popularity of this island as a tourist destination. With the increasing number of visitors with the desire to sail in the Mediterranean waters, boat rental companies and services are on the rise, such as Yacht Charter Ibiza.

What Is the Capacity Allowed on A Boat Without a License?

Typically, the maximum number of people allowed on a boat where the captain is unlicensed ranges from 4 to 6. In a case where there is a large group interested in sailing a boat and have no license, they are advised to use two boats or even more, if need be.

What Should You Carry on The Boat?

Most of the boats are equipped with a refrigerator. What is left is for you to bring your food or drinks of choice and store them in the refrigerator if you need them to be chilled. Some sunscreen should come in handy as you are basking on the boat. If you enjoy snorkeling, make sure that you carry the necessary gear.

How Fast Can the Boat Move?

Since you are operating the boat without a license, it means that you do not have the required expertise to drive a boat at high speed. The horsepower of engines for boats hired out without a license is limited to 15. Both sailing and motorboat rental companies have similar policies regarding the ideal speed. These boats have a relative speed of 15 kilometers per hour which is neither too fast nor too slow.

How Far Can You Go with The Boat?

The distance covered is influenced by your skills in driving a boat. If you have no license, this implies that you are not allowed to go very far from the shore. Close proximity to the shore is necessary, for easy monitoring. When using a motorboat, you should not exceed the distance of 5 meters from the coast. On the other hand, a distance of 6 meters from the coastline should not be exceeded while driving a sailing boat.

When Can You Drive the Boat?

During the day is the only time allowed for an unlicensed individual to drive the boat. This period starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. In addition to this, the weather should be stable. In a situation where the weather affects clear visibility, it is risky for the boat to be driven especially by an unlicensed person. Conditions such as fog or heavy rainfall may prevent one from being allowed to drive the boat.

Who Can Drive the Boat?

Ideally, only persons above the age of 18 are allowed to drive a boat without a license. Minors who are interested in going for a boat drive must be accompanied by an adult who will therefore be in charge of navigating the boat.

It is worth noting that before starting the boat drive, experts will train you on how to navigate the boat. All you have to do is pay attention since their instructions will go a long way in making your drive a success. The boat rental company may recommend some routes that you can easily access on your own, discover the best spots and give you a memorable experience.

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