Where to admire luxury yachts in France?

In France, the yachting market has long suffered from the crisis. Fortunately, business has been picking up again in recent years. Moreover, the number of enthusiasts is increasing. Indeed, many people come to admire or rent luxury yachts in France during their holidays. So you are surely wondering where to find these little gems. Here is the answer!

The French Riviera: the ideal place to admire luxury yachts

All the ports in France are interesting for admiring luxury yachts, especially those of the French Riviera. Perhaps the most attractive are in the Mediterranean, such as Monaco or Saint-Tropez. The view is particularly beautiful also in Cannes. On the pontoons you can easily admire luxury boats of all kinds. While looking at the luxury yachts in France, you can have fun measuring the length of the hulls or looking at the inside of these boats from a distance. They are also perfect places to admire the sunset through a wide range of luxury boats. You can check the PRESTIGE  website if you want to find more about the most famous spots to admire luxury yachts.

Bordeaux: the new meeting place for luxury yachts

For some time now, Bordeaux has become an indisputable place to admire luxury yachts in France. Indeed, since 2017, Bordeaux has welcomed many mega luxury yachts and tall ships for the great pleasure of onlookers and other luxury boat enthusiasts. The Bassin à Flots serves as a stopping point for yachtsmen who wish to renovate or repair their boats before setting out to sea again. If you are passing through the area, do not hesitate to take a look at the pontoons for a beautiful view of the luxury yachts.

Take the opportunity to rent a yacht

While admiring all these luxurious boats, you will certainly want to rent one for your next holiday. You can rent one of the luxury yachts on the pontoons if the owner wants to. Many nautical agencies offer a luxury yacht charter service in France to make your holiday unforgettable. They put at your disposal a team of professionals to guarantee you a unique moment aboard a luxury yacht. You will have the choice between a one day rental to sail along the coast or several days to make a beautiful crossing.
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