Choosing a cruising boat : catamaran or monohull ?

Are you planning to go on a family or couple cruise to discover idyllic places? The choice of the boat is not always obvious, so it is important to note that the decision depends entirely on the adventure you are looking for: in the middle of the Mediterranean or an expedition along the Atlantic coast. Are you hesitating between a catamaran or a monohull? Discover the different points to consider when choosing a cruising boat.

Finding a comfortable boat for your trip

Comfort is certainly the main selection criterion when choosing a cruise boat adapted to your needs. Between the catamaran and the monohull, it is the first model that offers the maximum comfort as it is larger and therefore more spacious. With a boat up to 12 m long, the catamaran also provides a cockpit with an unobstructed view and quite a lot of space at the head of the boat. Less imposing, the monohull offers a more restricted comfort moreover, the major part of the navigation takes place outside. However, this solution is ideal if you wish to enjoy a narrow space with minimal comfort, when cruising as a couple for example.

Choosing a boat according to the sailing sensations

To limit seasickness, you will have to take into account the size of the boat. The catamaran is the ideal solution to fight against this discomfort. Imposing and heavy, it does not heel, which reduces sea-sickness. As it is bigger than a monohull, it will also be less sporty. These boats are moreover only recommended for venturing along the coast. If you are looking for more intense sensations, the monohull will be more suitable, especially if you want to go upwind more easily. This model is also easier to manoeuvre and moor in port, but with the heel, it is not recommended for fragile stomachs.

Choose according to your budget and constraints

In order to choose a cruise boat that will meet your expectations, it is best to determine the budget for the boat. A monohull will be more economical since it is equipped with only one engine. Fuel costs are therefore less important, but detours to the pump will be more frequent. Renting a berth at the port will also cost less. More spacious and particularly comfortable for a long cruise, the catamaran involves more expenses than a monohull in terms of the price of a berth and taxes (1.5 times higher). However, this boat guarantees a more enriching experience as the vessel is equipped with 2 engines and 2 rudders.
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