Organising the provisioning of a cruise yacht

A yacht cruise has to be planned from all angles so that the whole crew has a good day on board and has everything they need. It is a good idea to draw up a shopping list so that you don't forget anything and prepare the boat well for the trip: food, drinks and other things.

Shopping for a cruise

To prepare supplies during a yacht cruise, a shopping list will help you to better plan the quantities of food to be provided. Each crewmember can take care of one aspect of bunkering. Before you start making your list, remember that the sea air makes you hungry and all crew members want to be fed. You will need to buy a lot of things and in sufficient quantities, taking into account the length of the cruise. It also depends on your sailing area. Perhaps you will have access to fresh produce: vegetables, fruit... Also think about checking whether you have any allergies or intolerances among the crew in order to plan for alternatives.

Basic shopping list

Among the essentials to provide for a supply during a yacht cruise, still/sparkling mineral water (in 5-litre cans to save plastic, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, juices, mixed drinks (tonic water for example). Tea, coffee, bread and cereals, a supply of buns, spreads, butter, jam, spreads, cheese, pasta, rice, couscous, quinoa, potatoes, a good selection of canned food, canned vegetables (legumes, beans, tomatoes, corn, wheat, etc.), canned tuna and sardines, snacks (chocolates, chips, dried fruit, cakes, etc.) and a variety of other snacks. For the practical aspect of cooking and washing up, it's up to you to evaluate what you need: tea towels, dishwashing liquid (biodegradable), large garbage bags (to save plastic), oil, spices, sugar, mustard, etc. Fresh fruit (choose half-ripe fruit): apples, bananas, kiwis, oranges, pears, grapes, lemons, melons...

Organize a bunkering boat

Before boarding your cruising yacht, it is necessary to plan for a full supply of provisions during a yacht cruise. It is possible to place your orders online with a refuelling specialist who will also be able to advise you in terms of quantity and help you not to forget anything (maintenance products, first-aid kit, etc.). You will be delivered directly to the port of embarkation before you are even on board, ready to weigh anchor.
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