A new or used yacht: how to choose?

A boat is an investment that requires time and also a lot of money. Before embarking and buying, there is a question to ask yourself: buying a new or used yacht? This is not the only point to take into account, you must also have a certain amount of reasoning. It is therefore necessary to plan the budget to be spent. There are a few tips to follow before taking the plunge. It is true that the budget plays a major role in answering this question, but it is not the only criterion to take into account.

Buying new: investing in a safe investment

Between buying a new or used yacht, a new boat is still quite expensive. Just to give you an idea, a boat would have the same value as a beautiful residence. Once the purchase is made, one must also take into account the costs associated with it. There will be at least the insurance: which will cost between 5 and 11% of the purchase value of the boat, to be paid each year. You also need a maritime passport, which you have to pay every year at customs. The price of this passport will depend on the length of the hull as well as the power of the engine. If the boat has more than 100 horsepower, there is a special tax.

Buying second-hand: make an expertise beforehand

Before buying a used boat, you should first call in a pre-transaction expert. A precise and detailed report on the condition of a boat is the best way to get a good financial estimate. A surveyor in question must have a solid training (coming from marine surveyor schools) and master a speciality such as sailing or motor. Indeed, the knowledge must differ according to the boat to be surveyed.

Some advice to follow before starting

Whether buying a new or used yacht, there are a few tips to follow before you get started. The first thing to do is to analyze your budget. You should also think about taking out insurance. It's not mandatory, but it's to cover what your boat might inflict on a third party. You have to take sailing lessons. Driving a yacht is a little more complicated than driving a car. Before setting sail, you need to know how to handle your machine. You need to know how to handle yourself in windy weather, or how to handle waves and currents. Once you've done that, all you have to do is sail and enjoy yourself.
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